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Anonymous asked: Hi can you post your pregnant Nial part two were he left you when you were pregnant and sees the baby thanks xxx

It was already posted, love! It’s right here. xx

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Anonymous asked: Can you do a preference where you and the guys go out clubbing for the first time? 😁

All of the boys or a certain boy??

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littledirectioncanada answered your question: What do you lovelies think of the new theme?

i love the header :)

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What do you lovelies think of the new theme?

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Chapter 10: Who?

*Eve’s POV*

As I walked out of the library, I saw Dani looking out into space. 

"Dani..?" I said quietly. He snapped out of his thoughts and looked at me. 

"Hi, Eve.." He replied just as quiet. 

"A-Are you okay, Daniel? You seemed upset earlier.." I asked, hoping I would get an answer. 

"Yeah," he said. "I’m fine! Where’s that boyfriend of yours??" He asked. There was something different about his voice now, though I couldn’t tell what it was. Then what he just asked settled in. Boyfriend? 

"Dani, he’s not my boyfriend.." I said. 

Confusion washed over him. “But..-“ 

"We’re just friends." I cut him off. 

A small smile appeared onto his face. I could tell he was trying to hold it back but he couldn’t. 

"Oh okay!" He said, his eyes brightly lit. 

I smiled. He seemed happier now. “I guess I’ll head home now.” I said, arranging my bag on my shoulder. 

"Do you want a ride home? This place closes soon." He offered. I thought about it for a while. 

"No thank you. My mom should be home by now. I don’t want her waiting any longer." I said. 

"Alright.. I’ll see you tomorrow?" He asked. 

I smiled and nodded. “For sure!” 

He smiled big. “Great! Bye, Eve! Have a good night.” 

I waved and left Books and Tea.


That night I laid in my bed and couldn’t help but think about Daniel. Why was he so upset? Why was he so happy when I told him Harry and I weren’t together? Then a thought occurred. Did he…. Like me? 

No, no. He can’t. He’s too good for me. The same with Harry. 

Oh, Harry.. I don’t know why he wants to go on a date with me. It makes no sense. But his eyes and his smile and.. Just… Him. 

But Dani, he’s so cute and his lips and his laugh. 

I.. Don’t know why I can’t seem to pick between the two. I mean.. I like Harry. A lot. But I barely know him. 

But I’ve known Dani for so long, he couldn’t possibly feel the same way about me.

Who do I go after?

I spent the night thinking about the two boys I’ve developed crushes on. 

Daniel and Harry. 

I kept debating which one I should choose. 

Which one I should chase after. 

Which one I want to be in a relationship in. 

Seconds of thinking turned into minutes. 

Minutes turned into hours. 

Hours and hours passed by, the thought of those two special boys running through my mind the whole night. 

Then, I finally decided what I was going to do. 

I let out a deep breath, trying to calm my mind. 

It was about 2am, and I had school tomorrow, and I needed the sleep. 

I closed my eyes and relaxed, my mind finally shutting down and letting my dreams take over. 

I hope this all works out. 

I hope I made the right decision.

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