Guess who’s back???? Maybe???

Should I take this blog back up or..? Cause I never deleted it like I planned..

What do you lovelies think?

1 month ago
Anonymous asked: Can u make a Imagines were Y'all are Fighting and he Tell u to Killl yourself and u really go Kill yourSelf D: of Just Niall ! If not its ok :)

Is this a joke because this isn’t funny. Suicide is not funny. At all.

2 months ago
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So I’m going to delete this blog for sure!!

If you do want to read some of my fanfics click here

Click here if you want to see my personal blog

So I’m going to delete this blog in a couple days so everyone will see this and yeah!! :)

It was nice writing for you guys!! xx

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Anonymous asked: Hi can you post your pregnant Nial part two were he left you when you were pregnant and sees the baby thanks xxx

It was already posted, love! It’s right here. xx

1 year ago
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Anonymous asked: Can you do a preference where you and the guys go out clubbing for the first time? ๐Ÿ˜

All of the boys or a certain boy??

1 year ago

Suggest in our ask!!

Writing, au meme’s, prefs, picture prefs!!

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Does anyone want to take over this blog????

Message me here!!

1 year ago

I wanna try something new, loves!


If you have anything you want to submit, submit it here.

It’s kind of like a promo thing for your writing unless you want to be anonymous!

Pleeeease submit! I want to read all of your writing, lovelies!!

-Imani xxx

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littledirectioncanada answered your question: What do you lovelies think of the new theme?

i love the header :)

Thank you, love!! xx

1 year ago

What do you lovelies think of the new theme?

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